Friday, June 12, 2009

Flowers - God's Art

Ok, that sounds corny I know. I like to make myself laugh sometime. I have pretty flowers in my back yard - eclectic choice, but pretty.

My favorite flower is the Petunia - especially the wave Petunia as shown below. These are sitting on my Chiminea. I love to look out my kitchen window and see this.
I bought these pink things to. Can't remember what it is called, but I can tell you later because the tag is still attached to the trellis. Isn't that TACKY! Look, Theres Byb-bye next to one of the stands that should have pots in them.

Look, I also have some orange day lilies that I didn't know about because that big tree was here and blocked all the sun from them. I hope they multiply. I like lilies too!

But look, shame on me. These plants are still not in there pots. I promise I will plant them as soon as I get home.....maybe.

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