Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Beach 101

Greetings from Perdido Key! Rachel is back home, and I spent the first day at the beach by myself. And guess what, I LOVED IT! Read my book, tanned, drank beer! What else could you ask for?

Anyway, for the past few days we witnessed individuals that obviously have not had Beach 101.

We saw 2 couples that set up there chairs and umbrellas right in front of a place where a canopy was already set up. We all know that you never set up your spot in front of others.

Then, there was a mother who was asking her 12 year old if he put on sunscreen. First, you always make sure you and especially your children are adequately sunscreened. But get this, she didn't even have any in her bag! How in the hell was she going to reapply when needed. Some people are just not smart.

Then yesterday, a couple with 2 teenage girls and a 5 year old boy came to the beach. They then tried to set up the most jacked-up broken small umbrella....we just shook our heads. They were white as snow, and there was no way they could all fit under the umbrella. Then, the mom starts sunscreening the 5 year old (not sure if this was done in the room or not) and gets sunscreen in his eyes...poor thing. The worst part is she didn't even realize that the screen was hurting, they thought it was the sun glare.

Then today (and this is really just common knowledge) a plane flew by, and the people from Louisianna (who obviously didn't know Beach 101 and set up right with my chair I had left on the beach) looked up and read "Shrimp Basket: AYCE Shrimp Wed and Fri." They were saying "ACE" shrmp like the word, they did not realize it stood for All You Can Eat. Funny.

Another observation (that is what Rachel and I said, we weren't making fun of people, just making an observation) this one guy obviously didn't apply sun screen to his chest and belly where there was hair. He came out the next day looking all polka dotted red where his hair was. (Snicker snicker)

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