Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Blind Child Area"

Ok - one more post about my mommy and then we will leave her alone for a while. You know this is all in good fun - she reads my blog too, so she knows what I am telling - and, she can laugh at herself - we all need to do more of that.

While driving mom home from the "Great Shopping Fiasco of November 2008," on Magnolia Street I saw a yellow warning sign that read "Blind Child Area." I had seen these signs before in other areas, but had not seen this one close to my house.

LL - I have not noticed that sign before
P - Oh, its been there for a while - I keep looking for him, but haven't seen him yet
LL - looking for the blind kid?
P - Yeah
LL - how are you going to know which one he is?
P - I don't know
LL - do you think he is going to be like holding his hands out in front of him feeling for stuff?
(I know I am going to hell - we are both dying laughing at this point)
P - No (laughing)
LL - or have a shirt on that says "I am blind" or have big black patches on his eyes
P - yeah, or walking with a cane with a red tip
LL - I can just see you saying "I don't know how I hit the tree officer, I was just trying to spot the blind kid."

Polly - you got to love her, and I do.

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