Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Nightmare Before Christmas on DVD!!!!!

Rachel and I were watching TV on Saturday and a commercial came on TV advertising the movie "Nightmare Before Christmas" on DVD. Now, as many of you know, this is Rachel's favorite movie of all time!!!!! Her bedroom used to be totally decorated in NBC, comforter, sheets, light switch, dolls, ornaments, jewelry, posters, clothes, etc. It really is a cute movie, and I enjoy watching it myself. Directed by Tim Burton, so you know it is quirky.

Anyway, she it pointing to the TV at the commercial and getting all excited. I am looking at her like "what?"

r: look, look, look Nightmare on DVD
l: so
r: you know how much I love that movie
l: I know, but you already have it
r: in vhs, but not DVD
l: yes you do, I bought you that for Christmas years ago
r: no you didn't
l: yes I did. It was in that coffin shaped box with the nightlight and some other things...a big special anniversary dvd gift set
r: unh-uh
l: yes it is
r: show me

So I proceed to go to her room and get the box set off of her shelf where it was proudly being displayed....well, you would have thought I gave her a million dollars! She was so happy - had no clue that she already had the movie (had actually had it for years). Does this point out the fact that she probably gets way to much for Christmas?

What bothered me then was the fact that she must have thought that her mom had not provided her with the movie she loved the most, years after it was released on DVD...what kind of mother does she think I am?

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