Friday, November 7, 2008

Wild Thing

My friend Jenfer bartends at the Country Club. This is a relatively new job for her, but she loves it. It also has its perks (like eating off the Sunday buffet for free). The other night they had a guest Chef that was an expert in preparing wild game. Jenfer was so proud of herself. The patrons were getting her to try the entrees before they would eat it! She couldn't wait for me to tell Jimmy what she had eaten....

rattlesnake and rabbit sausage
antelope quesadillas
elk (at first I typed elf - gross) flank steak
New Zealand stag - she said was gamie tasting (hey Flight of the Conchords are from NZ)
yellow fin tuna (not that unusual - have sushi)
and finally - tear, sigh - kangeroo served in chunks with like a soy terriaki sauce

I am not sure I could have tried the last one...

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