Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shopping Fiasco November 2008

(Dickey - an article of clothing made to look like the front or collar of a shirt, worn as a seperate piece under another garment.....not Dickies as shown will get it in a minute....)
Well, I went shopping with my mom for the last time last night. I thought I would be sweet and ask her if she wanted to go to Parisian (yes, Parisian) and get Rachel something for Christmas. After all, I had $90 in Belk Bucks to spend before Thursday. Well, we shopped for a while and went to check out.

Mom ran her Belks card through the machine to pay for her purchase. Uh oh, the lady then told her it was denied. Mom said it couldn't be, it didn't even have a balance on it. The lady then asked if mom wanted her to call about it. "Yes" was of course the answer.

Well, to make a long story short, they told her it was inactivated ("By who" asks mom) because of inactivity or something. Well, Mom just whips out her LL Bean mastercard to buy her purchases. She then makes a snide remark about "...everything will really probably be on sale this Saturday." Uh, mom, look around - everything is on sale now. And so can use other credit cards at Belk - not just your Belk card. We just established that Belk even took LL Bean!

My mom just could not get over the fact that something a little out of the ordinary happened and she was just ready to go home. Kind of like "my Belk card doesn't work so I can't buy anything."

So, this attitude proceeded to ruin the shopping I still had left to do. I told her I wanted to go look at the pants. On the way I found a real cute shirt for my sister-in-law that really looked like her. I told mom I didn't like the shirt they showed under it, that I would just get her a camisole. I did not mean right then, before we left. I started looking at the pants and she said she was going to lingerie.

About 45 seconds later I hear her asking a sales rep "Where are your Dickey's?" "Maam, we don't carry Dickies." I said S__t. I guess it is time to go. She is asking for dickey - like an fake undershirt thinking that is what I want to get Linda and also that we have to have one before she can go home. I walk/run over to the check out realizing I have to get her out of there...there will be no pleasant shopping time for me tonight! I also tell her that anyone under the age of 50 thinks only of the work clothes Dickies when asked. She tries to tell me to go look at the pants, she will wait quietly while I do. I know it is a lost cause. I check out, but not before she tells the twin sales clerks that "I am embarrassing my daughter." Then asking the obviously identical twins, "Are you sisters?"

We are walking out, my Mom, knowing that she mucked up my shopping says, "Well, that was fun." "Yes," I reply, "I hope you enjoyed all 37 whole minutes of it."

She then thanked me for loving her.

Your welcome, Mom.

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AngHenson said...

heheheheee....Laura, you have the BEST stories!