Tuesday, November 4, 2008

That's some bad hat Harry


OK - Can't stop saying it....about drove Rachel and Jimmy crazy with it at dinner Saturday. Rachel and I were watching "Jaws" on Friday. During one scene, the old man of the town (with saggy boobs) comes up to Chief Brody on the beach and is making fun of how the chief won't go in the water. Chief Brody looks at him and then looks at his silly bathing cap on his head and then says....ARE YOU READY....HERE IT IS.... "That's some bad hat, Harry."

I love it!!!! If you have ever noticed, there is a TV show production company (logo above) that has this saying as it's logo. After "House" goes off (on Tuesday night on FOX at 7:00) a shoe stomps on something and then you hear "That's some bad hat, Harry." Now we know where it comes from, and that was exactly what Rayray said the other night. Click on the link above to see the scene from Jaws....loving me some Chief Brody!

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