Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wilhelm Scream

Ok - thanks Kevin, now I am going to have to say "That's some bad hat Harry," and then follow it with the Wilhelm scream "Aaaarhhhg."

My friend Kevin sent this:

LOL! I'm a freak when it comes to movie trivia and quotes and love this little nugget of info. Thanks for tying that reference to Jaws! Have you ever heard of the Wilhelm Scream? It originated from a cowboy/western movie in the 50's and was recorded as a sound effect of a guy screaming in pain after being shot by an arrow (the character's name was Wilhem). It's a very unique and identifiable scream and was resurrected in 1977 by it's use in Star Wars. Now, directors add it to movies and TV shows as a tounge-in-cheek homage. Here's a montage of it's use:

It's sounds dorky, but we get great enjoyment when we're watching TV and suddenly and surprising hear the Wilhelm Scream in a show or movie.

So now, I will be listening for this distinct scream and get a laugh!

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Kevin said...

Sweet! I was mentioned on Laura's blog! This made my day. :-)