Monday, November 17, 2008

In the Spirit

Started Christmas shopping this weekend. This will shock you! I was at Parisian at 7:00 Saturday Morning!

Yes I said Parisian - it will take me forever to call it Belks. Hell, I am just getting around to saying Dillards instead of Castner Knott. (don't know what is happening with the font - long day)

Anyway, I shopped early and got some great deals. Bought Jimmy some POLO on sale. Got Rachel the cutest and matching and ! She is going to love all of it!

After she awoke we had lunch at O'Charleys (she loves the potato soup) then I took her back to Parisian (i know, i know) to show her these cute Lucky Brand purses. Well, who would know that at that moment she was going to become a accessory junkie, a purse addict and would ask for not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 purses for Christmas! She almost cried when I made her judge them by how much she wanted them. It was like she couldn't believe that she would not receive all 4 for Christmas. I said "No one usually asks, or receives 4 of anything for Christmas....that is kind of gross." (And these are pretty pricy purses range from $90 to $168. And I do remember something about a trip to Atlanta and concert tickets was all she needed for Christmas?)

But now the real dilemma falls on me.....I have to decide what purses to buy, and totally restrain myself from buying all four....(talk about addiction! haha).

Happy Monday!

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