Friday, April 17, 2009


The man on the left in black is "Coach" on Survivor.....I can not stand him.
He is such an immature moron! You would not believe the crap that comes out of his mouth:

"You can't look up the martial arts that I do because it won't be there. You have to be taught it by a tribesman" - LL says or make it up yourself.

"I am a maestro and a soccer coach so I spend a lot of time on private jets flying all around the country." - LL says bullshit.

"I had a military helicopter drop me off on the Peruvian border of the rain forrest....I was abducted my indigenous 4 1/2 foot tall people. They tied me to a stake and beat me with clubs. I went in and out of consciousness....I finally slipped out of the ropes and kayaked down the river until my hands bled." - LL says or you're so damn ignorant you actually believe the other adults believe what you are saying. No one there believes any of his stories. His stories are ridiculous.

Two good quotes that sum up his mentality.

"Be the wizard" said to Stephen as he went to Exile Island.

"He is the dragon and I am the dragon slayer" repeated several times in last nights episode.

I finally looked at Tim and said, "the scary thing is, that there is really people like that allowed to roam the world freely. When this is over he should be castrated so he can not reproduce."

Two things I guess about him:

1. He has no grown up friends
2. He probably still lives with his mother (she is the only one who believes him because she has dementia)

I really can't stomach him. I watched last night just knowing that he was going home....BUT HE DIDN'T! I don't know if I can even watch next week with him still on there. I hate to say, but maybe he will fall and hurt himself and have to leave.

Please join "Team Anti-Coach"

Have a great weekend.

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