Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Yes I am. If you have ever been around me for 5 minutes within the last 4 years, you know that the one thing I want more than anything (except World Peace, Healthy child, etc) is a swimming pool. My friend Lynn is constructing this monstrosity in her back yard! Can you believe her? It would look so much better on Pennylane!
Look at the cool deep end. I don't want to have a deep end in my pool. No diving....just rest and relaxation. I am going to get like a weird shaped pool, all the same depth, with maybe a waterfall accent. Yes, I am going all out....looks like Lynn is too.

Here motto is obviously "bigger is better." Jealous much, Laura Leigh? "YES"

Now, don't have hard feelings towards Lynn. She know not what she does....sharing these with me. I am just kidding...I asked her to take pictures so I could post them. Hell, who knows, I might just thrill and bless her and her family with my presence in a bathing suit this summer! I can hear them now....."MY EYES, MY EYES!"


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