Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's been a while....

....since I blogged. I am having the hoo-hum-drums. I started taking Chantix again to stop smoking (again), and it really seems to be affecting me oddly this time. Not only is it curbing my desire to smoke, it is also curbing any passion, emotion, good feelings, creativity. I have just been a blob for the past couple of days. I am not going to stop taking my Chantix, though. I really need it to stop smoking.

Like I mentioned, I haven't felt like doing much. My Mom's bday was Friday and me, her and Rachel went to Caldwell's Grill (don't have to go back - I am such a food snob). That was fun. I went to a bridal shower on Saturday. That was fun. Tim and I ate at Pizza Hut on Sunday. That was good and fun. And that is about it for the weekend. Jenfer made it back from New York. I was so glad that her and Kadie (I first typed Dakie - I think that will be her new nickname) got to go. Kadie made me this card for my birthday one year. I liked it so much I bought a frame and hung it in my kitchen. Thanks Dakie!
Wish me luck on quiting smoking, and say a prayer for me.


Wayne&Ang+baby said...

...and here I thought you were being quieter because of billings? I know you'll do fine...you were a champ on it the first go 'round!

Ringo said...

good luck sweetie!!!! I know you can do it! Hope you get back to your old self soon!