Thursday, April 2, 2009

Why do I blog?

Why did I start this blog? I don't know....why do I not drink through a straw in a resturant?....why do I say birfday and fumb (thumb) even though I am 40 years old?....why when asked a question about a number I always say seventeen-fifty?....why do I say settle up instead of settle down?....BECAUSE I AM CRAZY!

No, really, I started blogging after my friend Jamie did. Her blog inspired me; I thought it would be fun. (By the way, I update my blog A LOT more often than Jamie updates hers - she has gone almost a MONTH without an update!!!!) What would my loyal readers do if I didn't blog for a month?

Which brings me to the reason I have continued to blog....I have so many friends that read it and tell me they love it! Thanks so much for being supportive!

Special shout out to Ringo and my follower from South Alabama!



Jamie said...

I have been better at updating. I have updated several times this week. Don't forget I have 2 blogs to update.
I do love reading your blog entries. Especially Polly blogs!

Ringo said...

I love to read your blog LL! Have some catching up to do tho. I agree with the Polly blogs....and all your yummy food pics! Love ya!

Ringo said...

forgot....Thomas reads your blog too, but he never leaves a post!lol