Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Recession hits ANGEL SOFT!

(This is how my dog looks at me after I have been taking pictures of the toilet paper)
Ok, lets get down to business. I guess the recession has hit the people at Angel Soft. I have been buying this toilet paper for, well, I guess as long as I have been buying toilet paper. Sure, sometimes I would try other brands, but I always ended up going back to and being very satisfied with Angel Soft....until now.
The last two twelve packs I have bought have been different. Bad different. I thought the first one was odd because none of the rolls were glued down to the cardboard roll in the center. It made it very strange to try to roll off some paper. I noticed that with this twelve pack, each individual roll really has no integrity....see how the second one is just bent up....and it is because of this.....

....I believe they are rolling a lot less paper on the roll now. There are gaping holes in the paper when you squeeze it just a little. That should not happen. Yes, they are rolling a lot less paper, but not rolling it as tight so that the roll appears (to the naked eye) to be as big as it has been. Cheap, cheap, cheap!

I mean just look....push it a little and look at all of the emptiness - air throughout the roll. Give me a break! Don't mess around with my toilet paper!
Any suggestions on what brand I should try next or where I can get a life?

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