Wednesday, April 22, 2009


On Saturday, Tim and Jennifer and I went to Shaw's Catfish in Priceville for lunch. It had just opened up a couple of weeks ago. The owner's did own the Catfish Cabin in Decatur for many years, but were forced to close when the landlord did not renew their lease (seems the Hyunda or Mazda dealership was more important - imagine that - more important than good catfish? Never). Anyway, then, they bought Shaw's Catfish in Holly Pond, AL, and had been working down there for years. Now, they have opened another Shaw's in Priceville - right at the top of the mountain in front of the Horse Arena. We went, we ate, we burped, and we had to unbutton our jeans! It was delicious!
Our waitress seemed a little tired. She explained that they served over 300 people the night before. I can see why - yummy food and most all I ate was fried, FRIED, FRIED!

Fried pickles for an appetiser, fried whole catfish, fried shrimp, fried potatoes (french fries). Oh, I did have a vegetable - SLAW!! And I guess tea could be considered an herb. Tim and Jennifer said the fried green tomatoes were real good. The hushpuppies were out of this world. They even had something called fried bread. We were asking so many questions, the owner just came out of the kitchen and started telling us all about stuff! It was great, and I have mentioned - the food was real good! Prices are great!

so, Go, Eat, Burp, Unbutton your will be glad you did.

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